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The Wine Store

87 Bobcaygeon Rd

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Kristina Percy
Phone: 705-286-1642

At The Wine Store, located in the downtown core of Minden, you will be amazed at the variety and level of wine kits you can choose from. All of our wine kits are produced from the highest quality grapes from the finest vineyards around the world, using the same grapes as many familiar wine brands. With over 100 wines on our wine list, there is something for every palate. All of our wines have 1/7 the preservatives of commercially produced wines and 1/4 of the price of commercially produced wines. All of our wines are made on premises and are 100% guaranteed! 


The process is easy! Pick your favorite wine and kit selection. We offer 4 kit levels. As you look at the higher end kit levels you will notice that more grape juice is added and will often find extra grape skins/oak or raisins are added to higher kit levels. Once you have chosen your wine then we will ask that you book an appointment to stop by our store to pour in your yeast to start the process. This only takes 1 min with a booked appointment and 5 minutes if you stop in to the store. You can now forget about the wine making progress as we will do all the steps to turn your grapes into wine. Once the process is done we will call you to set up an appointment to bottle your wine. We ask that you put aside about 20-30 mins for this process. You will be responsible to bring in your bottles, each kit produces approx. 30 bottles. We do sell bottles in the store if you would like to purchase. All kits come with labels, corks and shrink wraps. Custom labels are available for additional costs.

Stop by our booth to browse our wine list  and learn more on the kit levels, time and process! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Located in: Food & Beverage

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