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C.A.R.P Chapter 54


If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Jack Virgin
Phone: 705-457-9448


“Federal and provincial governments need to hear from Canadians on policies and legislation that sooner or later affect us all. CARP ensures that older Canadians’ voices are heard in Parliament and that vital political promises are made and kept.”

- Moses Znaimer, C.A.R.P. President

C.A.R.P.—A New Vision of Aging is Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians promoting equitable access to health care, financial security, and freedom from ageism. Backed by more than 330,000 members, CARP is a non-partisan association committed to working with all parties in government to advocate for older Canadians. Our mission is to advocate for better healthcare, financial security, and freedom from ageism. CARP members engage in polls and petitions, email their elected representatives, connect with local chapters and share stories and opinions on urgent issues.

CARP membership support creates major changes in government policies and protects the dignity of Canadians as we age. Members are also rewarded with discounts on over 100 everyday products and services they know and love from CARP’s trusted partners.


Power in Numbers

In May 2017, Canada’s National Census revealed that for the first time ever seniors outnumber children in Canada. There are now 5.9 million seniors, compared to 5.8 million Canadians, 14 and under. Federal and provincial policy-making that affects older Canadians is more important now than it has ever been.


C.A.R.P. and its Members Have Successfully Advocated For:

  • Increasing the Canada’s Pension Plan (CPP): Pensions will increase from 25 % to 33 % of earnings. Eligible pension earnings will increase from $54,000 to $82,700 annually.
  • Restoring Old Age Security (OAS) Eligibility to 65: In 2012, PM Harper raised the eligibility age to 67. In 2016, it was restored to 65.
  • Securing $3 Billion in Homecare Funding: In 2017 the Federal Budget announced $3 billion in funding and extended commitment to $6 billion over 10 years.
  • An Extra $1,000 a Year for Canada’s Poorest Seniors
  • Reduced Senior’s Drug Co-pays in Ontario and Nova Scotia and influencing the Government to add new drugs to provincial formularies.

Be sure to check out CARP’s Impact Report.


How is C.A.R.P. funded?

CARP is a nonprofit organization and does not receive government operating funding. Its advocacy mission is funded through membership fees and through contributions from our affinity partnerships. Through its affiliation with Zoomer Media, CARP has access to multiple media platforms. Advertisers interested in reaching our audience provide a full slate of benefits to members, often covering the cost of membership.

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The Haliburton Home and Cottage Show is a community-based show. Our mission is to connect show visitors with businesses and organizations that have relevant information, products, and services to offer for the greater good of the community.

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